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Snow Day Disney Magic

Snow Days are few and far between when you live in Nashville, Tennessee. I have lived her the entire 31 years of my life, and I can count on one hand how many ‘BIG’ snows I have seen. Yesterday, the Middle Tennessee area was surprised with up to 8-9 inches of snow! One thing that Tennesseans do not do well with is driving in the snow. We are just not equipped for it.

Considering that Nashville would not see this much of snow again for a while, I took the opportunity to create some magic with my daughter. If you are a mom with little ones and haven’t seen Frozen at least 10 times, you are living under a rock. Frozen was the first movie my daughter, Briella, was obsessed with. Even now, two years later, she still loves all things Elsa, Anna, and Olaf. So today, when I asked her if she wanted to play Elsa in the snow, she couldn’t wait!

Picture this… Here I am in my UGG boots and leggings with camera in hand, Briella in her Elsa dress with Olaf, standing out in our backyard having a full photoshoot! It was all fun and games until my husband, Josh, threw too much snow on Briella. She immediately had a meltdown. Luckily, I was able to get those moments on camera too. One day, she may think these photos are cheesy, but I will always get to relive the magic we created today.

Snow Day with Elsa aka Briella

Murfreesboro Photographer

Who doesn’t love a good snow day? Not to mention, a cute toddler who believes she is Elsa. I will cherish these photos forever. Who knows what our inspiration will be for our next photo session! Have an idea for us? Drop it in the comments at the end of this post!

Do you want to build a snowman?


One thing I love about being a photographer is getting to easily capture these snow day memories with my daughter. She is actually the reason I started photography. When she was born, my husband gifted me my first camera. I had no idea how it even worked – let alone how to take it out of auto mode. Fast-forward almost two years later and here I am with my own photography business helping other moms like me update their family photos.

As a family photographer, I love to capture those in the moment photos. The ones where you can still hear the laughter of your little one just by looking at it. I knew I wanted to give moms a way to preserves these special moments with their little ones. They grow up so fast so why not capture them right now in this moment.

In the past year, I have had the privilege of working with almost 40 families, babies, children, and seniors. Not to mention, I was also voted as a Finalist for Favorite Photographer in Murfreesboro in both The Main Street Awards and Ruthies Awards. My photos were published in multiple magazines, and I was featured as the Cover Artist for Fervent Focus as well!

I am so excited to be starting the 2022 photography season soon! This year, I plan on trying new locations and offering more mini sessions! If you are needing to update your family photos, head over to my contact page! Looking to get first dibs on my Mini Sessions? Make sure you are on my email list by filling out the bottom form on my website.

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