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When I found out that I was being published and then featured as the Cover Artist of Fervent Focus Magazine as a small-town Nashville Photographer, it was a complete honor! It has been little over a year since I started my photography business. This was only something that I dreamed of a year ago.

Murfreesboro Photographer
Fervent Focus Magazine 2021 Cover Artist

Featured in Fervent Magazine

After attending Ashley Ammons‘ Family Photography Workshop in September, I came back with a different mindset about my business and my photography. Since I found this new confidence as a Nashville photographer, I decided that I was going to submit a few of my images to a magazine. I have always seen other photographers post about being published and how much of an honor it was. I was finally at a place in my photography business that I was ready to see my images published as well.

The first photo I submitted for publication was of my daughter, Briella. At the time of submission, Fervent Focus Magazine was looking for photos that went to their issue theme, which was ‘Red’. Here is the link to the issue:

As soon as the issue published, I went to find my photo in the issue. I was amazed to find that Briella’s photo was basically a centerfold. Let me share the photo with you…..

Nashville photographer

This photograph will always be special to be because not only is it of my daughter, but it was my first publication. The cornfield she is standing in was in the back of our neighborhood I dressed her in this fall dress, boots, and hat then took her on her tricycle to try to get the perfect fall photo. Luckily, one of my neighbors was nice enough to let us walk through their yard to get back to the cornfield. It may look like Briella is modeling for me, but in reality she is telling me ‘NO’ and throwing her hat off.

Nashville Photographer Featured as Cover Artist

It has been a little over a year since I started providing serves as a Nashville photographer. After my first image was published, I decided to submit more images to their open theme issue. When I was notified that I was selected to be the Cover Artist of Fervent Magazine for their Open Theme Issue, I was in complete shock! I submitted a few images, thinking that maybe one of them would be chosen. It was a complete surprise finding out that not only were my images being featured, but I was myself as a photographer.

Murfreesboro Photographer

The image that was picked for the cover is one of my favorite images that I have captured. It was from my row boat spring mini sessions at Sinking Creek Farm in Murfreesboro, TN. These two sisters had so much fun during their session. This photo shows the amount of love they truly have for each other. This is why I love doing photography. These sisters can look back on this photo one day and remember what it was like growing up together.

Murfreesboro Photographer

The second image that was published in this issue was in Pensacola Beach, FL while I was attending the Ashley Ammons’ Workshop. This photo was actually at a family session that Ashley had booked the day before her workshop. She let me come along and catch some behind the scenes photos of this session. This photo was one of them. I learned so much at her workshop, and it really helped me grow as a photographer. There was a third photo published of one of my smash cake sessions.

Murfreesboro Photographer

As a Nashville photographer, the demand for family photography grows every day. To have my images published and to be able to say that I am a published photographer, helps me stand out from other photographers in the Nashville area as well. Here is the post that Fervent Focus Magazine made announcing that I was the cover artist of the open theme issue:

Helping Families as a Nashville Photographer

I look forward to helping more families in the Nashville area in 2022. Family photos do not have to be stressful. Most families put off updating their family photos because of how stressful they can be. That is why I made sure I created an easy and effortless experience from the time you contact me to when your photos have been delivered. If you want to know more about what it is like to work with me, check out this blog post that I wrote that walks you through my process.

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