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Taking smash cake photos of your little one has become a popular trend for first birthdays. We all know that you have a Pinterest board that you have pinned all your ideas for dream photos. Here are five tips to help you get the photos that you dream of.

1. Finding the Right Smash Cake Photographer

Finding the right photographer for smash cake photos is important. They need to know how to work with small children. We all know how difficult little ones can be at times. The right photographer has experience with kids. They know how to make changes to keep your little one entertained and happy. The camera and someone hid behind it can be scary. I like to play “peek-a-boo” to help ease the situation. I will also bring a rattle to keep their attention as well.

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2. Picking the Right Time of Day

To help ensure you get the photos that you dream of your child’s first birthday, choosing the right time of day is key. You want to make sure that your photographer is flexible around your schedule. Little ones have their own schedules, and you know what works best for your family. I have found that morning time works better for smash cake photos. Planning your photos around nap time and meals is important as well. We all know that a feed and well rested child is at their best.

smash cake photos for first birthday with pink smash cake from publix in Murfreesboro, TN

3. Bring Outfit Changes

Your little one only turns one once. When someone books a smash cake first birthday session with me, I will have them bring one or two other outfits. Of course, you will need something to change into after smash cake photos. Before your little one gets all dirty, take some photos of them in another outfit. You want to remember how little they were at that moment. I like to include photos of their hands and their sweet little leg rolls. These always end up being some of my families favorite photos.

smash cake first birthday photo ideas in murfreesboro, tn

4. Have a Practice Smash Cake

Yes, practice eating cake with your little one before their session. Most kids have not had the opportunity to try cake or icing before their first birthday. This is normal, but we want them to be familiar with it before their smash cake photos. Let them practice getting messy! Letting them practice beforehand gets them used to the feel and taste of a cake. The best way to do this is with a cupcake. By doing this, they are more familiar of what is going on the day of the smash cake photos. Bonus Tip: Publix will give you a free smash cake with the purchase of a decorated cake for first birthdays.

baby girl wearing pearls with pink smash cake ideas in murfreesboro, tn

5. Have Fun and Relax

Be present in the moment and enjoy these special milestones with your little one. Kids will feed off of their parents in situations they are unsure of. Let your photographer run the show at your smash cake session. This is another reason why picking the right photographer is important. They will know how to get the photos you want. It’s common to feel like your little ones first birthday cake smash session isn’t going well. They don’t seem to smile big at the camera or their attention is else where. This is usually when you will start to stress out, but put your trust in your photographer. I always enjoy getting to show moms the back of the camera at a session of the exact photo they were wanting.

smiling baby girl with pink first birthday cake smash on white blanket in Franklin, tn

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