Pros and Cons of Mini Sessions

Mini Sessions

Murfreesboro Family Photographer | Mini Sessions vs Signature Package Sessions | Murfreesboro, TN

What is a Mini Session?

A mini session is exactly what it sounds like. It is a shortened version of a regular portrait session. Mini sessions back-to-back, so I can fit a higher volume of clients into a specific window of time and offer a lower investment price.

Mini sessions are also short, typically only 15 to 20 minutes in length. This is great for if you are just wanting a few updated family photos or need a Christmas Card photo.

Pros of Mini Sessions

  • They allow new clients to see what it is like to work with me! Not everyone has a photographer that they can just call up to get their family photos updated. That is why mini sessions are a great test run. It also allows your kids to get to know me before a signature package session as well!
  • Mini Sessions are a set date, time, and location. All you have to do is show up! My mini sessions usually run for two hours. I can get 4-6 families done at that time depending on the length of the sessions. Sometimes they are themed and will have set ups and props too.
  • They are QUICK!! If you have kids who will only give you about 10 minutes of good photos then Minis are GREAT!! Or if your husband is the anti photo session type, they will be done and over quickly!! (Even though I make all my sessions laid back and fun- I get it!!)
  • Since there are multiple families booked on the same day, I am able to offer Mini Sessions at a lower price than my Signature Package Sessions. They are usually on the weekends as well!
  • Mini Sessions are usually offered several times through out the year. They are a great way to keep your family photos up to date and document your memories.

Cons of Mini Sessions

  • If it takes a little while for your family to warm up to the camera or to new people, mini sessions may be a struggle. Since they are only 15-20 minutes, every moment counts to help me capture good shots of you and your family.
  • Signature Package Sessions can give you anywhere from 60-80 images. Mini Sessions usually produce around 20-30 images. Mini Sessions are great if you want to quickly update a family photo to replace in your house. If you are wanting specific photos, full sessions allow more time to ensure we get everything you are wanting.
  • There is a limit of 4 people for Mini Sessions. This is because the short session time doesn’t allow for multiple poses with a large group. You can purchase two mini sessions back to back if you would like too. It’s the same as booking a Half Session.
  • Mini Sessions are not as personalized as Premium Sessions. Since I am working with several families on the same day, you do not get the one on one attention like you would for a Signature Package Session. You will still receive my style guide and all of my tips and tricks so don’t worry about that! I don’t mind helping you with outfits either.
  • If you tend to be late or run behind, Mini Sessions may not be for you and your family. There is usually a family before and after your session. I have to stay on time to ensure that I respect all of my clients investment for their session. If you are a running behind, I get it things happen. Upon your arrival and if time still allows, I will get every shot I can.
  • If I have to reschedule our session due to the weather it’s not a date that you get to choose. I will try to find a date that works for all of my families. If the date works for most, the families who can not do the reschedule date will have to do another mini session or put their payment toward a Signature Package.

Let’s Talk about Signature Package Sessions…..

  • Unlike Mini Sessions, you can book one of my Signature Packages for almost any date, time, and location. This helps to work around busy schedules.You can book sunrise or sunset even! It also allows me to really work with you and your family on your “vision” for your family session.
  • Signature Packages can be up to 60 minutes. This gives enough time for you and your family to get comfortable in front of the camera. Since you are able to relax and have fun, I get to capture those sweet memories like you have pinned on your Pinterest board. It really allows me to get those in the moment shots that you can relive for a lifetime.
  • You get me all to YOURSELF!! I am not having to work with 4-6 families at once like I do with Mini Sessions. As a result of that, this allows me to brainstorm with you more about your session. I even like to do a Facetime or Zoom with my clients before their session so that they feel like I am a familiar face. In addition, gives us time to talk about the details of your session. We can go over your outfits, what shots you really want captured, and what you plan on doing with your photos. This is why my Signature Package Experience is one of a kind!!
  • If it is bad weather on the day of your session, it is a lot easier to reschedule. We will work out a date and time that works for us both!
  • There are multiple packages available. Check them out here: Pricing and Services

What session really works for you????

Let me break it down for you a little better just in case you still don’t know.

Mini SessionsSignature Packages
15 to 20 minutes
20-30 images
Good test run shoot for new clients
Great way to update family photos throughout the year
Perfect if you are needing just a few photos
Less Expensive option
Set date, time, and location so you just have to show up
up to 60 minutes
60-80 images
Perfect for someone really wanting a variety of images
Great session to add extended family too
More personalized experience
You get to pick location, time, and date

Even after all of that, still have questions??? That’s okay!! Let’s connect so I can answer them for you!!

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