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Photo shoot with In Bloom Boutique| Murfreesboro, TN | Murfreesboro Photographer

It is not everyday that this busy mama who is also a Murfreesboro Photographer gets to get on the other side of a camera and actually have her own photo taken.

Through out my adult life, I lost a lot of confidence in myself. Being a woman in today’s society is hard. Freaking HARD. On top of that, I lost myself even more when I became a mom. When I had to step in this new role of being a mother, I felt like I didn’t know who I was anymore. I forgot what it was like to really be “ME’. I struggled the first year of my daughters life with pretty severe postpartum anxiety and depression. As a result of that, I couldn’t tell you the last time I had my photo taken. This is why I actually became a photographer here in Murfreesboro.

Here is too new beginning and stepping out of my comfort zone.

In Bloom Boutique located in Murfreesboro, TN is one of my favorite places to shop. Not only are their clothes super cute, the staff is amazing! The ladies in there always help me find things that make me feel so confident. Kelsey, the store manager, actually got me to start wearing my beloved hats!!! On a recent shopping visit, she asked me if I would like to do one of their “Try On Tuesdays” for their Instagram. If you knew me a year ago then you would know that would have been a hard NOPE! Fast forward to this year and I stepped out of my comfort zone and decided to give it a go. So many people commented on how amazing I looked in their outfits and just in general. If you don’t know what something like that does to a girl then you are crazy!

After doing the “Try On Tuesday”, they asked me if I would like to be in one of their photo shoots.

Let me tell you….the nerves and anxiety I immediately had just thinking about it were insane. As a curvy gal, who really wants to have their picture taken?? Not to mention, posted all over the internet for all of Murfreesboro to see! Then I thought to myself, if this were my daughter would I want her to feel this way? HECK NO!! So here I go again really stepping out of my comfort zone.

As a photographer, when I tell you that I know and understand what it feels like to be in front of a camera, I really mean it.

There is just something about standing in front of a camera that makes your anxiety just start running double time. Being comfortable is not something that just happens naturally. It takes a photographer who makes you feel comfortable. When someone takes a photo of you then turns into your “hype girl”, you immediately feel at ease. Some of the best photos that I really like of myself were from that day.

Stop letting self doubt hold you back


To this day, I am so thankful for the opportunity that In Bloom gave me by doing this. The long journey of postpartum came to an end that day and I have never felt better.

Go check out In Bloom Boutique in Murfreesboro, TN and all of their amazing clothing!

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